Friday, April 13, 2018

Bonnie Marie

twenty two years yesterday passed
 one rain cloud covers another snow
pellets mix with ice and rain 

wandering the planet snowdrops bloom 
ice melts oh so slowly and crocuses stick
up their yellow heads shouting

twenty two years yesterday passed 
coyotes chase rabbits seeking 
new shoots for nibbling

running toward summer solstice 
       from spring equinox
mystery of snowfall

twenty two years yesterday passed
wild geese fly high, blue jays call
the chickadee sees 

life moving forward or in circles of
wonder unfolding and enfolding 

twenty two years passed yesterday. 

gkn April 13 2018

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


In large banquet halls, in classrooms,
in swimming pools,  formality anticipated
defined achievements, of age,
of work, of study,

relationships of choice,
of hearth, of kin, of kith, of love,

large small, smiles, tears, heartaches,
joyous outburst, naked beauty, celebrations
noticed by conscious observation,

coloured outside the lines.

gkn April 2018

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Emily Dickinson

Much madness is Divinest sense --- Emily Dickinson

She sits on my shelf, reminding me about a world and words forgotten
taken down I wonder how many Emily's have come to the planet?

how many poems written about them, by them, about a world
which silences Emily's and Anne's and Susan's.

How many voices have been heard because they were embodied
by an Emily who lived, who spoke so many years ago

in my lexicon, the years have gone quickly      Emily Dickinson offers
me a voice still pertinent  still valued.

Auggie ringing his bells at breakfast does not care or recognize Emily
but I, his gg am cherished        not for my words  rather for my arms

will I live on, carry influence through the years?    in decades from now
will someone remember my words or wish they could?

Today I am exhausted by so  much loved shared,  hugs given, stories read
gg demands ( requests?) made

could I desire more longevity of presence or influence,  but how or why when
I have littles and bigs who hold me as precious   gifted by sheets to wash.

It is April fools day and it is Easter   I live in a world filled with divine madness
does my facebook page make a difference, will I be labelled rebel, dissident

i cannot find a way,                to fear when there are mothers     so many
mother's whose empty arms carry children lost to famine, to war, to hatred, to abuse.

I am aware of madness (by my definition) in this world
it becomes so important to read to write another story

one written by trees in bud, bulbs pushing green through frozen earth
purple blooms mistaken for blueberries,  noisy houses on holiday weekends.

gkn April 2018

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Gloria Fern muses: Equinox Reminders

Gloria Fern muses: Equinox Reminders: Seedlings pushing up their heads remind me on this thirteenth birthday  of little heads held warmly  embraced by love's confident...

Equinox Reminders

Seedlings pushing up their heads
remind me on this thirteenth birthday 
of little heads held warmly 
embraced by love's confident
hold in the midst of frozen, 
war torn soil.

Today you are with me, having 
come to my life as a blessing 

Are they ever deserved
these many blessings of mine 
or  even recognized
 until the days pass 
by and the absence or ongoing 
presence reminds me 

that I am surrounded, 
that I have been  invited  to nurture 
growing, flowering, possibilities.

Then day by day if I chance to observe 
they are present,  not only the 
buds but full blooms

embraces me. 

gkn March 22, 2018

Saturday, March 3, 2018

A Phone Call

I hear your voice.

"I have been thinking about you so much,"
"Me TOO.  You called first this time."
It always happens this way.
Our delight! 

I long to see you.
The miles separate us.

I check the flight schedule, 
the cost.

I look at my calendar.

I value this life I live, 

its fullness, 
crowds me 

gkn March 2018

Friday, February 23, 2018

On Being ( A mother of a baby who turns 34)

Today I feel gratitude.

 I feel gratitude that I get to celebrate my daughter’s 34th birthday.    Today I am thinking a lot about two mother friends, who do not get to celebrate  with their wonderful daughter’s, when they turn 34.  

 Today I feel sorrow. 

I feel, perhaps, some of the sorrow of mothers around the world, mothers whom I do not know and those whom I do, who do not get to celebrate  with their daughers because of war, brain tumors,  gun violence, systemic racism,  medical error.

Today I feel surprised. 

I feel surprised at the passage of time which changes everything or nothing.  I feel surprised that I can remember so clearly the arrival of that beautiful baby as I hold her beautiful baby in my arms.

Today I feel  anger. 

I feel anger at a system which does not value all babys born to all mothers.   I feel anger that it is so difficult to change systems.  I feel angry that I do not even know how to begin to write about this!

Today I feel hopeful.

I feel hopeful as I listen to young women speak,  as I see my daughters’ parent, as I listen to the children.   I feel hopeful as I walk down the street and see iris’s pushing their greenery through the earth. 

Today I feel  fragile.

I feel fragile as confusion fills me when I listen to the news.  I feel fragile  as I send energy for the safety for all my grandchildren, of all children ( especially those who do not share my white skin or country of birth).

Today I feel excited.

I feel excited as I continue to listen to and learn from wise women.    I am excited that Mandy Carter is being recognized and celebrated this week, and that I got to learn from her!  

Today I feel surrounded.
I feel surrounded by change makers even in the midst of fragility, excitement,  anger, hope,  surprise, gratitude  and sorrow.

 I know I am surrounded when a ten year old sends me message  to catch me up on her basketball game.    I am surrounded when a five year old says I love you.   I am surrounded when a toddler infant lays their head on my shoulder. 

I am surrounded when I sign a petition, write a letter, hear your words of support and encouragement.  I am surrounded when you share stories of hope , when I experience care and random acts of kindness.

I am surrounded as I celebrate the life of my daughter born on this day so many days ago.  

The more things change the more they stay the same and change.

I am alive.

gkn Feb. 23 2018