Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Earth Walk

My mother and Jesus accompanied
me to witch camp this year,
I was surprised,
to hear them chatting,
about the love they felt
as we laughed and sang,
and danced.

And oh how they laughed,
and all the others, too,
who accompanied me,
when the skunk sprayed and we kept
on keeping on,  dancing on the heads
of the skunks and they kept spraying

and the laughter of the crowd,
and I do mean crowd of witnesses
was amazing,

they could not believe that we did not
know that the skunks were
teaching us,  they could not
believe that this group of witches, or
pagans, or elemental people,

forgot to listen to the elemental
messages in the storm that
surrounded us,  they laughed
and they chatted,

they need to stay on this plane
for a while yet,
I heard them    say it!  

gkn June 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June Twelve

Spring waters cover the gardens,
grass grows fastest,
seed pods wave

wade into the growth
find treasures,
lost seedlings

desires confusion,
birth, death
solstice draws nigh.

gkn June 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Harriet still

EThe labyrinth is blooming tulips,
 you hear  delight
and anguish at the
grass so long, between the irises from
you.  Your laugh reminds me you
told me so,  don't do it, too much
weeding were your words,
plants from you fill vacant spaces
in the soil,
the red and yellow tulips,
from before your deck
was built, the hawthorn tree,
clematis climbs, along with
 roses and  and
though chickadees
surround me at the feeder,
sing songs,  and hummingbirds
dip deep 

will the wisteria ever bloom?

gkn June 1, 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

This day

wooden table tops,  straight legs, wood 
stained light, dark, like the skin colours
seated beside, ahead, behind.  

conversations, laughter, tears, 
steaming cups comfort souls, 
at this place today,  joined. 

a coffee, tea shop haven for
 pen and paper, computer, 
companioned    I am. 

time invites, demands 
breathe,  alone  

gkn May 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017


birds song, dog song, train whistles
no longer asleep,  listening
sounds of morning indoors
outside, cars race on streets near by
doors open to stir sleeping teens,
while infants and grade ones
wake themselves,  the fourteen year
old going on a field trip to Chicago
has no problem stirring this morning
the excitment of  THIS day
grins at gg, while crunching cereal,
a smile broadens across my face,
 these days of baby grins,
and dances, sibling fights,
concerts played and sung by nervous
competent youth, aging with life,
today the calendar garden picnic
calls, its blooms perfect in season,
"wild" has been read, the "whole brain
child" recommended reading while
a baby sleeps in arms,
my oh so full heart 
hear the baby cry

 leave this text ...

Another day there will be no baby teen,

gkn May 2017

Friday, May 5, 2017

Two Short Lives

for sharon for brenda for judy
for mother's shattered hearts...

Heidi,  Rachel can you hear me?
do you hear my gratitude for the gifts
you gave me in your two short lives?

Generosity of spirit in your visits,
in your laughter at yourself and me.

Hope born in the midst of despair
as you  kick boxed or just kicked away boxes
 the expectations of next
must be steps,
 as you took next must steps for you.

Smiles radiant, trusting, knowing  believing
when everything around defied faith.

Acceptance, without celebration,
 with knowledge of truth beyond our control,
just acceptance
of this days offering.

Love filled hearts, though pain crowded
the spaces,  love won the day.

Four years, only, four years
you have been gone from planet earth.
Already four years and still you live.

gkn May 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017

My Labyrinth Memoir

I step in,
a blade of
grass amidst
the daffodils

Two steps
an empty space

A step back
is required,
a weed?

I step
I look

gkn May 1 2017