Saturday, August 12, 2017


The farmer's market,
in this town, home for nine filled years, 
of birth and death,  

was acquaintance, even friend
filled ,  this summer day
without children.

A quiet tension fills

a life

I notice is my own

writing, cooking,
swimming,  camping, 
biking, hiking 

l alone


shared by 
large or 

 owls hoot, woodpeckers tap, 
angel calls, coyotes howl, dragonflies, 

mosquito bites

my life .

gkn Aug.2017

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Blessed Two

Teeth brushed,  stories read       four tonight,
he chose them all, 
songs sung,
hugs given
good night said.

Cherub face response
“good night gg.’

“I need water, gg”
            I forgot to fill his water bottle.
 I fill the water bottle,

Cherub face,
“thank you gg.”

“gg,  Gg”
“my water bottle doesn’t work”

             I retrieve the faulty water bottle,
suck it does not work,

“see gg, you did it wrong,”

I unscrew the top,  afix the straw,
it works now,

 I say gently,
“good night sweetheart,”

cherub face, 
“close the door gg”

I close the door carefully. 

 I hear GG
I wait,
“ GG, GG, GGGG,”
 “my water bottle is leaking”

slow steps carry me to the door,

“gg my water bottle is leaking.” 

His pillow is wet, his pajamas are wet,

“maybe you can put it on right this time.”

I change his pajamas,  I change the pillow,

I put the lid on right.

“Good night darling,” comes out of my mouth,

 I look
at grinning cherub face.

“I love you  gg.”

I do not bang the door or shout.

gkn July 2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This Morning

Pink roses, long mauve stems of hostas' in
bloom wave a gentle good morning
as the lavender's brightness


 chickadees, robins, jays,  cardinals,
and the many sparrows,

we called them all sparrows,
 in my childhood, or starlings,
I don't see or hear many of them anymore,

call to me,

echoes of children,
riding bicycle,  squabbling,
toddlers giggling,
 as they
me to play.

gkn July 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Day

The bird song surrounds me ,
 as I silently walk with lilies, daisies,
valerian, a single delphinium made it
back this year, 

 a thorn catches my attention.

I jump on my bicycle, ride to the point,
to the rocky shore touch my toes into
the crisp pure waters' savouring every
step, when I hear their buzz.

The strawberries in the front raised bed,
gift of landscape artists, hang over the edge,
red and juicy, as I bend,  my left shoulder
begins to itch and swell.

I am present, I am awake as I water
vegetables, as I spray soap on aphid infested
roses,  as I walk, as I drink my tea
in the beauty of my neighbourhood.

The mosquitos remind me to always be


gkn July 7, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Village

Today I write to give thanks to the village, you know the one, that it takes to raise a child.

Last night I had the privilege of caring for two of my precious grandchildren while mommy and daddy went on a date.   The two and half year old was interested in the concept of dates, so I decided to take him and his almost four month old sister on a date too,  I thought it would help the evening pass, and he might not miss his mom and dad so much.

It worked for both of them,  she was distracted by the noise and the chatter and the laughter that she did not even notice, most of the time, that she was drinking milk out of a bottle.  

He ran and made friends.  His best friend of the evening was a seven,  I am guessing,  year old girl.  She had him climbing all the way to the top and sliding down the closed in slide by the end of our time.   She also with her father's encouragement, got him out of the play structure when it was time to go home.   So my thanks starts with her,  encouraging, playing and running with him to check in with me as he needed.    And of course a special thank you to her father,  we might still be there now if he had not come to my rescue.

Then there was the family with the two girls, the pre teen and the toddler, who loved shoes.   They  watched my toddler eat his burger and his sister sit in her car seat, while I went to get ketchup for his french fries.  

Finally there was the grandma, whose first grand child is in a neonatal unit growing and getting stronger after arriving three months early.  She and her grand daughter are on my prayer list now.
She came and volunteered to rock the car seat when it was time for me and the four month old to go home and the two and half year old needed a little extra encouragement.

Then there were the door holders, the offers to help me carry and ..

Thank you to this named village, all of whom are a part of this diverse and wonderful country I call home.  Our skin colours and accents were different,  I suspect our  educational  and economic experiences were different  and we bonded in our love for children.

This village helped me have a wonderful date with two wonderful little people, and enriched my life by the generosity of spirit I experienced on that date!

I am blessed!

gkn June 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Earth Walk

My mother and Jesus accompanied
me to witch camp this year,
I was surprised,
to hear them chatting,
about the love they felt
as we laughed and sang,
and danced.

And oh how they laughed,
and all the others, too,
who accompanied me,
when the skunk sprayed and we kept
on keeping on,  dancing on the heads
of the skunks and they kept spraying

and the laughter of the crowd,
and I do mean crowd of witnesses
was amazing,

they could not believe that we did not
know that the skunks were
teaching us,  they could not
believe that this group of witches, or
pagans, or elemental people,

forgot to listen to the elemental
messages in the storm that
surrounded us,  they laughed
and they chatted,

they need to stay on this plane
for a while yet,
I heard them    say it!  

gkn June 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June Twelve

Spring waters cover the gardens,
grass grows fastest,
seed pods wave

wade into the growth
find treasures,
lost seedlings

desires confusion,
birth, death
solstice draws nigh.

gkn June 2017